2 Faced Cheating Liars

heres the deal, dude contacts me to check on a friend we share. seems my friend ditched him as a friend because he was hooked up with a real ep beyotch. i say my friend is cool, tell him he can still go read her stories she dont have him blocked. right he says like that is a new idea. yea, im suspicious now. he keeps sending messages and ends up getting all up and personal with me. so i go to check out his profile and there is his beyotch all overboard in love with him on his wb. seems this dude and his beyotch hooked up while he was womanizing behind the back of some other chick he was feeding a load of love shyt. now hes putting out feelers for the next trade up. i would be a trade up because his current beyotch is ugly along with being a beyotch. half of me wanted to get the dude on a cam and get a couple dik shots to send his beyotch. that would have been fukkin evil! i almost did but just didn't have it in me to fake an ****** on cam just to fukk with some dudes head and wise up the beyotch in overdrive about her love for him. itll be more fun to just watch it unravel. Stupid stupid people, its the internet. if you got to preach on how strong your love is be sure the one your preaching about isn't unziping his pants with another chick while your typing.
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4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

GREAT rant Myaah! That's one of the uses for EP!

Myaah, many people live in their fantasy world on this site and others. Some of the stories are fun to read and many are just a come on to get a response. Are you shure what you were reading was true, or some guys imagination?

its not what i read that pissed me off but that he was coming onto me while some other chick was all over his wb saying how theyre a couple.

I am rather naive, but there is no one on here that is faithful! Most of these people are married and having fun! I still fail to understand how anyone can fall in love with a cyber person they have never physically met. Me, if I felt I was falling in love...I would need to meet in person..to see if it was real! Do you really think anyone here wants to meet?

you right. most are lying sacks of shyt. ive met a few i think are 4 real but i would never waste time with finding a lt relationship online. not worth the risk.

Wow...just flippin WOW..... I hate it when folks get all sneaky...I betcha a chunk of chocolate I know who this is cause this is the 3rd time I am hearing something wayyyy too similar. I'm glad you didn't do the cam thing and send a pic....but I can say I TOTALLY cracked up reading what you thought of doing.....It's best to just avoid both of them and steer clear of the whole thing. The romances in here can be really beautiful and genuine or really twisted and just a pack of lies. I read stuff like this and am sooooooooooo glad I don't have to deal with it.

Your cheese cake is in the oven!! :D Nice to see you got up early and came in too.... Now I know I don't have to give you a wake up call!! Hubs just headed out for his flying lesson!! I am so glad the weather is decent for it too! Catchya later tough girl!! ♥

he must have caught the drift of this. he hasnt said anymore :0] you an K got it all babygirl. lucky stiffs both of yeh. that cheese cake is all but gone. christ that shyts good. i got to find me a woman that cooks. ;0]