My Wife's Bush.

Taken with a phone camera...sorry about the quality.
iadhdki iadhdki
31-35, M
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Beautiful jungle.

great natural wife is 45 .....same deal nice soft long straight hair....waxed on the sides....when she wears low jeans
the top of her bush shows if her t shirt comes up....I've seen guys look especially in grocery store....

That is good enough quality for me to see a superb *****.

nice-should open her legs more tho!

Looks absolutely beautiful to me!! Just the right amount of sexy hair! A perfect *****!! I'd love to see more of the owner!! Please add me!


I like it. thanks for sharing

Beautiful. I love the hairy look i

very nice ,!!!

its nice to see a woman not a lil girly


i love bush

that's awesome

Very sexy, I would love to see more. :)

"sorry" hell looks great to me!

Added some other pics of my wife's bush to my profile.