Wouldn't that be so hot to just take and totally ravish one's wife while her mother is standing there watching getting horny herself trying to prevent herself from responding but u can see her squirming. She can't turn her head and it's like her feet have become glued to the floor. Meanwhile I am pounding her daughter her daughter screaming squirting juice losing total control. And then it happens Mom loses the battle and begins rubbing herself and then rips her clothes off and begins to really go at it to bring herself off. She is ours for the taking to involve in our love tryst
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oh yeah i have done a woman and her mom was watching and actually joined in with us,,,,, she caught us ******* we at first did not know she had come over and was standing while i was doing her in the rec on the couch and i looked up and her mom was watching and was ************ and i did not say anything at first but then as things really got so much hotter i told the married woman i was with that her mom has been watching us,,, she said well **** tell her to come down here if she wants it also and her mom ******** and joined us and i got to do both of them was so damn hot

No mom for me either but there are a few "hot mamas" I wouldn’t mind watching us... :-) dc

I sure wouldn't have been turned on by the thought of my mom watching me and my hubby have sex-- actually, just the opposite as in turned off. It must be a guy thing, but I doubt my hubby would have wanted my mom there either.

When my MIL visits she sleeps in the room next door. I always make sure that her daughter **** many <br />
times. she gets realy hot thinking about her mom next door. She keeps saying easy mom will hear us but that doesn't keep her from being vocal. This is a huge turn on for me also.