Love It

she tells me all the time how she wants to be tied up blindfolded and ravish. also if someone was over, have her this way and bring him ( or however many are at the house) and use her the way we want too. she has a sleeping fantasy too the is similar to this as well.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Man that ought to get a long line down there in Daytona

I have shared my wife many times both in bondage and not. It never gets old. Seeing her have ****** after ****** with strangers is a real turn on. She warms up fast and craves a lot of attention from several men at once. Love it.

i have done the sleeping thing with my gf i have ****** her countless times while she was sleeping and came in her every time and when she wakes up and walks around it leaks out of her and she doesnt realize what i did just thnks she was having a hot dream