Travel to my friend's house for dinner.
Eat dinner, have a chat, discuss wedding favours and how they can be made.
Drive home, go to bed, talk to Mr Ninjacakes for a while before drifting off to sleep.
Wake up late, talk to Mr Ninjacakes, have a shower and slowly get dressed.
Attempt to pour and eat cereal, make teas for everyone, sit down and watch news before leaving for work.
Tea in staffroom. Go to my new class and talk with teacher about what we're doing today.
Staff meeting, more tea, get hugged by my new class when they see me in the room.
Watch them between clenched eyes as they saw pieces of wood to make frames. Attempt to glue, hammer, cellotape frames together.
Yell at them for a bit and give them the teacher death stare. Escape to look after 'crazy kid', get a quick crash course on what to do if he kicks off, hide scissors and bricks.
Tea in staffroom, chat and gossip, go back to my class and return to mayhem.
Get class changed into PE kit before lunch, run down the stairs to the playground and wave goodbye.
Salad, tea, a giant banana and a biscuit. Followed by a giggle and a chat. Talk to Mr Ninjacakes.
Mayhem as sports day hasn't been organised well and we dont know what to do. Take photos as the kids do different events.
Photos and hiding behind kids so I don't have to do teachers race. Come last in teachers race, the 'dad' in our group walked the obstacle course :(
Escape back to the classroom, mayhem as we lose kids to parents on the way up stairs. Mayhem as we try and get them ready to leave.
Meet my new parents and run to my car, get home in record timing!
Tea, chocolate and olives, not a good combination, Mr Ninjacakes.
Mr Ninjacakes, Ep, 'work'

MrsLalaninjacakes MrsLalaninjacakes
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Pop on over!

sigh... I'd lend a hand if I were there....

I need to invest in Duracell

LOL! Indeed!

my wrists are becoming stronger and stronger every are his.....ahem

Did you leave out any .... ahem.... "activities" ahem!... that you might have engaged in while "chatting" with a certain Mr. Ninjacakes?

All in a days work, all in a days work.......I swear you have to be mentally insane to be a teacher

Yay! Sounds like a very productive day.

haha thank you

haha me too

All mine... I love the sound of that ^_^

busy loads!<br />
<br />
But now Im in holiday mode and all yours x

Hmmm, busy much?<br />
<br />
When we're finally together forever, the thing I will miss the LEAST is seeing "brb" appear in my Messenger window.<br />
<br />
And, by the way, you leave me breathless as well... d=(^_^)=b

I dont breathe much

Wow Blue Peter badge for you Miss Cakes ......