I Still Have Only An Antenna

For my TV.  So, I'm not tempted very much by TV.  What I'd really like is the software you download so your computer becomes a TV.  But, that can wait for the future. 

My favorite author of late has been Augusten Burroughs.  He is so funny and has a great imagination.  I also read books right now on how to invest and take care of assets.  I always have 2 or 3 books going at one time.  I tend to find an author I like and read everything they wrote.  I love seeing the movie in my head that black and white letters put together strategically makes. 

Our whole family reads.  I was reading books to my babies when they were newborns. 

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6 Responses Jun 16, 2007

lol what drink is that in ur photo??? what does it taste like and where do u get it??? :)

Isn't he just the best! Have you read his book of short stories - there is some very creative thinking going on in his head! <br />
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Another author I like is Brady Udall - Check him out.

I love Augusten Burroughs.

Satellite is monotonous and boring they play the same shows over and over...instead we have a nice dvd selection, Wii and Xbox! I hate TV. I dont even watch the news...the web is a much better place to throw away time if you ask me!

Great idea! No sound and let them make their own story! I like that.<br />
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My brother in law used to make his kids watch the TV with it turned off as punishment. LOL

Hey! Me, too. I only have rabbit ears and get one station. I do have Netflix though. But I love to read. Just finished a Robert Parker book and before that, The Talented Mr. Ripley.