My Dog Is My First Love....

I stare at him everyday and wonder what he is thinking.  He is the one unconditional lover I have!  Wish he could tell me that himself.  I tell him all the time. 

hiyaa2010 hiyaa2010
2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

THIS sounds Sad and TRAGIC.<br />
"An Animal" IS SUPPOSED TO BE "Just An Animal". NOT!! A Human Being.<br />
When "humans" CROSS 'That Line'....and Start Making "Animals" HUMAN; WOA!!! THAT! Is SICK.<br />
A "Perversion". You NEED 'To Find' ANOTHER "Person" You CAN "Talk" TO "and" Relate To.<br />
Hopefully(?) EP "will Assist You IN THAT DIRECTION".

If I was given the choice of being able to read a humans mind or a dogs mind I would chose the dog. Because I bet if you went into the wrong human mind it could be really scary . I have 2 dogs and I think we would become even better friends if I could read their mind and they could read mine. Cheers!