Tarots And Soulmates

You’re dressed and ready to go. You look hot, if you do say so yourself. So what’s the last thing you should do before slipping out the door to meet your date? Draw a tarot card, of course. A tarot reading, even a slapdash one, can divine some instant and valuable information. Like a high-powered microscope, the cards may show you what’s going on deep inside your head and heart. They can tell you what you want, what you’re ready for, and what you might encounter with your next conquest. They can also calm your nerves, but they’re far healthier than cigarettes or a cocktail (but possibly just as addictive).
Tarot has been around for ages. The cards were first seen in 15th century in northern Italy, when they were used for a game called Triumphs, similar to bridge. A few centuries later, occultists in France rediscovered the cards and began to use them for divinatory purposes. The images on tarot cards are said to be linked to Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical sect favored by Madonna. Kabbalah is at least 5,000 years old - as old as the Hebrews of the Old Testament.

Despite their storied past, Tarot readings are not just the stuff of fortune tellers with bad moles and ugly kerchiefs. You can do readings yourself, in your own home, and achieve expertise with enough practice. The power of Tarot comes from the diviner (the reader) and the subject (if you’re reading for yourself, that’s you).

The cards don’t possess any inherent magic. Instead, they serve as an intuitive tool. The very subtle energies passed between the reader and the subject reveal any unconscious, prescient knowledge about the question asked.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using tarot for divination is that you are the guide. The cards mirror your thoughts, fears and hopes. They help you hone your intuition and get in touch with the psychic powers you possess. (Yes, you do have psychic powers.) We recommend self-study, meditating on the cards and practicing on willing friends. And if you can hook up with a talented tarot card reader in your community, you can surely learn a thing or two.

If you’ve never seen a deck, you’re in for a treat. Tarot cards are beautiful and mysterious, full of ancient, archetypal images from throughout the ages. The images are so powerful that the cards make perfect meditation tools. Tarot decks should be wrapped in silk when not in use.

Special hint:We recommend the Rider-Waite deck. You can find it in just about any bookstore, or online. It’s the best starter deck of all.

Spreading Things OutYou’ll find 78 cards, with 21 major arcana, and 57 minor arcana in your tarot deck. A traditional tarot card reading draws from the entire deck. A “spread” is an expression for the various ways in which one can lay out the cards on the table. An excellent spread for newbies is the Celtic Cross. But for a quick-and-dirty Dating Divination reading, you can simply work with the 21 major arcana.

When you get a bit more sophisticated and/or curious, you can learn more about the rest of your deck by consulting the handy booklet that came with the deck. For the spreads described here, you must first separate the 21 major arcana from the minor arcana. You can easily pull out the proper cards according to their titles, listed below in the Interpretations section.

The Drive-Through, Single-Card Reading This reading is the perfect thing if you’re running late and your date’s at the door. The major arcana cards should be shuffled, laid face down, and spread out in a fan. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and meditate briefly on what you hope your date will bring. Then draw one card for an instant reading.
The Dating Divination Spread: A Five-Course Meal
If you have a little time and want something a bit more complex, try this five-card spread. We’ve based this spread on general readings created by master tarot readers, but we’ve tailored it for our dating divination purposes.

As you did in the single-card reading, shuffle the 21 cards while breathing deeply and focusing on your date. Then remove the top five cards one by one, spreading them out in a fan, face up. Read them from left to right.

Position one shows the present moment, Position 2 represents the near future. Position 3 signifies what’s going on with you, and position 4 represents what’s going on for your date. The final card symbolizes the outcome of the date and potential for a relationship.


The Fool:
Take a leap into the unknown. This card indicates that you’re ready to start a new chapter when it comes to love and relationships. It calls for an open mind, a free heart and a spontaneous attitude. It’s OK to wear your heart on your sleeve. Anything can happen, and you’re definitely going to learn something new.
The Magician:
Beware of the trickster. This card might reveal a clever character prone to using tricks to get what he wants. Communication is paramount, so keep your ears peeled and stay alert.

The High Priestess:
The Goddess force is with you. Trust your intuition, because that vibe is right on. This card suggests that your feminine instincts remain strong and you’re at one with your womanly powers.

The Empress:
Venus is the dominant energy of the Empress card. It’s a card of pregnancy - don’t take this too literally, but do use protection if you end up in bed - suggesting the situation is pregnant with possibility. Anything can happen.

The Emperor:
Someone may want to play boss. Watch out for power plays and be sure to hold your own. Self-possession is key.

The High Priest:
This card indicates a need to keep the faith despite what you may see or hear. If you truly listen on a deeper level, you'll understand the spiritual or inspirational connection at hand.
The Lovers:
Looking for love at first sight? Off-the-hook chemistry? You may have just found it. The Lovers card symbolizes a union of the opposites, a yin-yang coming together of pieces that fit perfectly.

The Chariot:
This card can foretell a beautiful merger. But if timing is off you may feel unusually emotional about lost potential. In any case, you can count on a lot of emotion in the near future.

This card calls for an extra shot of self-confidence. Don’t be afraid to put your head in the lion’s mouth, so to speak. Just make sure the lion doesn’t bite: Keep your lust in check.

The Hermit:
This card symbolizes solitude and the need to stay close to home. Meditation and retreat are indicated.

Wheel of Fortune:
A lucky break is in store and you’re in for quite a ride. This card suggests an excessively good time – too much is not enough. But one too many spins might make you dizzy, so go easy.

Keep a cool head and don’t jump to any conclusions. It’s best to take the middle path. The more you take a rational, rather than emotional, approach to matters, the better off you’ll be.
A very intense, transformative experience may lie ahead. You might not know what just hit you, but you’ll welcome it again. The Death card also indicates the potential for a strong magnetic connection guaranteed to take you to new heights or new depths. You’ll think you’ve died and gone either to heaven or to the underworld.

Listen carefully to your inner voice. Avoid extremes and keep one foot on the ground at all times. You may feel your guardian angels floating above, making your wishes come true – and you may be right.

The Devil:
Temptation. Degradation. Sexual obsession. Need we say more? Try not to become overly consumed by passion and don’t let fear, shame or lust get the best of you. We recommend not taking off your clothes if you draw this card.

The Hanged Man:
Try to be OK with the nebulous quality of this card. It’s not supposed to point to a definitive outcome. Tolerate the interesting chaos – you may have a major epiphany as a result of sitting with uncertainty.

The Tower:
Expect a radical shift of perception, almost as though your whole world has been shaken up at its core. You may experience a strange new sense of liberation.
The Star:
Your wish has come true. You may feel like you have just met your new best friend as waves of calm and tranquility wash over you from the get-go. Enjoy all that you have in common and your amazing instant connection.

The Sun:
Here comes the fun. Be totally open and spontaneous and feel like a kid again. It’s all about letting the good times roll.

The Moon:
If you find yourself feeling unusually paranoid, blame it on the moon. Any fears or feelings of abandonment that surface are most likely delusional. But keep your wits about you just in case.

Latent feelings may be stirred up. You may be receiving some sort of wake-up call. Be careful not to be too judgmental toward yourself or your date.
The World:Look out – karmic connection ahead. Seeds that were planted long ago are sprouting, and the roots go very deep. You never know which past life will be evoked when you pull this card.

Is He Your Soulmate?
The term "soulmate" often carries visions of mystic astrological card readings, reincarnation and destiny. But you don't have to believe in anything supernatural in order to have a soulmate. Your soulmate is someone who lights the fire inside of you, whom you love unequivocally and who shares your worldview. So does your guy make the grade or are you settling for a relationship that's just "nice?" Find out now if he's your soulmate.
Excerpted from Fate of Your Date: Divination for Dating, Mating, and Relating (Chronicle Books)

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