I Have Four Tarot Decks

I have four tarot decks and have practiced tarot for about ten years. I have thrown tarot decks away in order to please the Christian community. I understand my decks okay but am interested in learning about what each arcane is associated with. Coins, cups, wands, staves. The history behind these fascinate me and I guess that I feel if I knew more about them I could practice better.

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Hello. let have a conversation about the arcane and its association with the deck.

If you've thrown away tarot decks to "please" (or otherwise assuage the fears of) a group of people, then it's probably best that you deal with any sense of lingering guilt that you have before resuming your tarot studies. The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a great way to get rid of any leftover Judeo-Christian paranoia that you might not be aware of. This is very important, as the proper reading of tarot decks involves the workings of the unconscious mind, which is exactly where guilt/shame/etc hides out. You may not be aware of it, but it is still there. Otherwise, no matter how involved your tarot studies are or how well you memorize the meanings of the cards, your intuition will still suffer because of the moralistic poisoning. When you've practiced the Banishing Ritual for at least 6 months (or any other form of effective psychic cleansing that you prefer), you can resume your work on the card meanings with a renewed sense of confidence. At that point, a really good deck for learning would be Paul Foster Case's BOTA deck, which you can color in yourself while you learn the many la<x>yers of meaning involved with the artwork on the cards, from color schemes, qabbalistic and planetary attributions, and symbology. Remember that the synthesis of both logical meaning and abstract symbology area necessary to equip yourself with as many la<x>yers of meaning as possible when performing readings. Good luck.

very good suggestions.