I Want To Read The Great Works In Liturature

I've never been much for reading. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like to read. It's just never been my favorite thing to do. My English professor teachings awakened something inside me. And I realized I want to read the works of authors like Alice Walker, Hemingway, Poe(who I have always admired anyway), and Gilman. I'm afraid I don't know many more authors than that, and I want to change that.
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I haven't read either, but I have seen the movie version of George Orwell's 1984 and have been meaning to read the book. I'm hoping to do some reading this summer:) And I did not know that about War of the Worlds, I remember listing to the radio show that was done on it though. I think I listened to it for my creative writing class in high school. Random question, have you heard of the shadow, the old 1940's(I think) radio show?

May I suggest H.G. Wells? true he wrote sci-fi- but his stories are very good and have deep hidden meaning, especially when taken in the time they were written.<br />
War of the Worlds for example is a story about an invasion by a superior hostile race of beings is really the story of 18th and 19th imperialism and the concurring of "inferior" races.<br />
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Also George Orwell is very good, though a little more contemporary. <br />
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Check with your local library they can be a real big help.<br />
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Good luck