Really Wanna!

So many of my friends went and saw the movie not too long ago, and every single one of them said it was an awesome movie. I haven't been getting out too much lately so i'll have to wait, but there's something i love about vampire movies. But then i thought, i might as well try and get a hold of the books because i'm sure it would be a really good read. Will have to wait til i have some money but it's definitely on my list of things to do.
How did you guys find the movie/books?

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As an afterthought of reading the other posts, I have Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in paperback........also, (silly question to ask I know!!) have you guys seen the PDF version of the book Stephenie is writing from Edwards point of view? Its available on her website

I bought the whole set one day after hearing about it on facebook back early last year, and after seeing them in the store I remembered what I'd read about them and decided to give them a go. I didnt sleep for a week and a half cos I couldnt put them down!! They are the best set of books I have read in a very long time, and I would highly recommend them. If you can't afford them at the minute, why not hire them from a library and then but them afterwards if you love them as much as I do. I havent seen the film yet, Im waiting for it to come out on DVD, but I'm not holding out much hope, as I know that so much will be cut out of the movie (as is always the case) but I am glad I read the books first!

I saw the movie first, and it was AWESOME!!. I got the first book and i thought i would'nt be able to finish it because it was too long for me (im not a reader lol)... but as soon as i read it.. OMG!! I'm hooked!! i'm telling you it's very very're going to fall inlove with Edward Cullen. lol I thought this was for like young teenagers... i'm 22 and i'm crazyyy about it. LOL. The first 2 books, Twilight and New Moon it has the paperback copy and the 3rd Eclipse and 4th Breaking Dawn is only on hard cover. But its definitely worth spending on.... *sigh* ;) Let me know how YOU'll like it!!

i loveeed the books the movie was good but the books were way better. I deff recommend them

Hey. . . You know am one of the biggest fan of vampire movie. I didn't think i'd Find someone who'd share same fascination about the same thing. And i really wanted the movie but i couldn't:-(.