For A ******** Friend

Obsessed with Madonna

I’m not really in love with a ********
But I sure love flirting with her
Not just to savour at her luscious form
But to wade in the depths of her eyes

How many times have I checked my email
To see if she’s sent me a message?
Or maybe even the poem
She said she would write
For me?

Dare I hope that she really meant
all those wonderful things?
that she said
with her words
and her smiles?

I wish she were older
she’s twenty five years younger
than me. When I hold her
it satisfies my hunger
for intimacy
to set me free
from the heavy load
on the long road
of love’s lost game
so I’m finding a way
to stay sane and ease the pain

Because she wouldn’t return my calls,
Send me an email or sms me,
I have to wonder whether
She was just playing me
For a sucker
To string me along
For more private shows

But I don’t want to judge her
She still amazes me
So attractive in so many ways
Not just her sexy body
But her flirtatious personality too
And her intriguing soul
gavmac gavmac
46-50, M
Aug 13, 2010