My Life , My Journey , My Future !!!

Using the words I recorded in journals and notebooks I kept as a young girl, I bare my soul by sharing my own personal struggles, using them to offer young women real and heartfelt advice about sex, relationships, motherhood and growing up. I want to share my story to the world to help others and give them the support and love I never felt as a young girl. I am single mom of 2 wonderful boys, I am a business owner, I Am a writer, I am a college graduate, I am a friend, I am a WOMAN, I am stubborn, I am real, I am a best friend, I am loving, I am hurt, I am holding a lot in, I am forgiving, I am A fighter, I am a beautiful, “I AM” wonderful and this is my journey.
The memoir of Joyce Reed, During the year 1982, I was born January 17 and then till now has been a journey, my life has consist of struggle, faith, disappointments, abuse, rapes, deaths, betrayal, neglect, violence, drugs, gangs, prostitution, love, Sacrifice, homelessness, passion, regrets, lies, losing and also winning, but what I realized thus far is that all of that has made me the woman I am today. I am writing about my journey to inspire others to never give up and if you can come to it, you can also come through it. One should never say CAN’T, if you can Dream it, you can think it, as well as concur it.
Let me go back to when I was a little innocent girl. I was molested at the age 9 by someone that was related to me and at that time I knew it was wrong and it wasn’t supposed to happen because pain is caused, it doesn’t come naturally but I didn’t know how to say or even tell anyone especially my mom. She was always busy with working or men in and out of our lives. I was always alone and never felt wanted or present so I stayed feeling that my feelings always went unknown for a long time. Still knowing that being out spoken and telling would still do nothing at all... This happened for a couple of Years on May Street until I stood up for myself and said STOP that I don’t want you to hurt me anymore. After that I tried to be a normal little girl, not knowing that this was the first of 6 more to come in my life ……..
I lost my great grandma when I was in 4th grade; my sister was killed when I was in 5th grade, in 8th Grade from May 17, 1996 to December 31, 1996 I lost my brother, grandma “both sides” grandfather, Auntie and cousin. This point in my life felt like a dream like I was stuck in this dream world and had to find my way out of this nightmare called MY LIFE. My brother was the closest thing to me and when it was taken by the hands of someone else at the age of 13 was frightening, confusing and devastating all at the same time. I was a lost little girl that needed to find her way and the people I needed the help from were NEVER there. I was alone and by the age of 10 I realized that, this is real and this is my life...
I am sharing my story with you, only to help others and to help others view me differently. I have been judged all my life ….. “Never judge a book by its cover, first open it and read it.” I am not perfect but I Am GOD child. I don’t want anyone to ever feel, what I felt as a young girl. It was a lot of hurt and pain but that doesn’t mean you can’t get through it. As long as you don’t give up, he will see you through it. At the end of my story, you would have cried, laughed, had chills or even gotten upset, feel hurt or feel loved. But at the very end of it all I want you to take my words and share with the world on how you TOO can change someone’s life. It starts with a thought and ends with change
My name is Joyce and I AM the TRUTH and this is my journey!!
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Sep 23, 2012