The Race Car

We designed graphics for our first race car! Weve been working with the driver for a few weeks off and on and finally nailed it got the measurements(it's a homemade body) and cut the vinyl. He laid it on the car himself. We all worked late and long hours even into Saturday to finish. We had technical difficulties and I had to cut some of them by hand, but  it's finally finished and he's racing tonight. I have pictures and everything! I'll post them on here when I get the camera back, but it looks great! Best part is that he's going to send his friends my way!

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Thank you so much for the compliment! =D Makes me feel good to see my work. Unfortunately I don't tweet and so much has happened since then, but I will give my sister who runs my shop now the word.

THAT is so totally frickin awwwwwsum, Sweetheart!!! <br />
Have you ever heard of MOTORTOPIA???????<br />
<br />
You could drag you up some fantastic profits and business there. Tweet on in and dont forget to say i sent you. (Send me a note so i can send you my IM there! )<br />
<br />
Best wishes, Darlin, GREAT FABULOUS work!!!

Hehehe yeah There's another put it's in my album. I didn't have time to post it. I was still working and had to hurry.

Yes Salar. Believe it ! I do very little advertising. Most of my business comes that way.

A recomondation by word of mouth Rl, sometimes the best you can get .....

You keep saying that and the points are gonna put holes in my jeans! LOL

the camera isn't here right now... probably tomorrow... :(

Well hurry up and put the photos up HEHEHE

Yeah!.. You should see it Reece! It's cool!

WOW, thats really cool Red =)

Yeah... it's a scary job. A new type of work, but good to get into.

Good for you, Redlady! That must be quite a boost to your morale :)

Yep ! As soon as the camera comes back I'll post them here. =)

Excellent would love to see some pic's of the car..............