Sissy Training

A while ago a female friend of mine noticed that my eyebrows were "cleaned" up and she asked me why. I explained to her that I went for a facial and the woman asked me if I wanted my eyebrows done. I told her yes. The girl at work Cindy thought that was odd but did not pursue it till a few weeks later when she asked me if I was wearing Mascara which I was not, but I turned bright red. Cindy said I thought so and walked away. After that she left some clear lip gloss on my desk and put a note on it that said enjoy. Ever since then she has made off hand comments about crossdressing and buying makeup.
trishasubcd trishasubcd
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Guess she has a problem of sorts. But at this point it seems, she still does not know for a fact. It's the comments that could cause trouble. She's fishing and trying to hook you with it all. Best bet to steer clear of her. She's seems to want to dominate you. Best wishes in dealing with her. Just sounds like playing with fire.