I met her here, you know,  the way you meet people here. But she went above and beyond.

She pulled me out of a suicidal tailspin. She called me..night and day, to make sure I was alright, which I wasn't.  

She wrote me...incessantly, and made me write back, made me assure her I was okay, which I wasn't.

She kept at it ...for weeks.

Then one day, I was okay. And she was there for that too.

She not only helped me scoop up the pieces of me, she helped me put them back together. Remarkable doesn't really do her justice, but I am in awe of her, (and at a loss at the moment, for words),  so it is apt, but probably not adequate.

She is dynamic, beautiful inside and out, brilliant intillectually, and love personified. 

That is Aurora.  

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I love this woman as well, she sent me awesome things to make me smile. She's a rare beauty. xxxx

thank goodness for Aurora, she has made an undeniable positive impact on someone who is truly grateful. Nora & Aurora both win immeasurable riches.

Some can go through their entire lives trying to "do good" for others and never get that kind of beautiful acknowledgement. How wonderful for Aurora!<br />
<br />
Others can go through their entire lives and only know superficial friendship and love that is there for good times and no where to be found when times are tough.<br />
How truly blessed YOU are "Nora".

I don't know AuroraBorealis, but she sounds like one neat person. And I love her blond hair, but she has skinner legs than even MY wife.