God, I Do Exist, By Gigi Vega

We were just a on a cruise a month ago and I kept seeing all types of people on the LEDO DECK reading the same book. I finally asked one of my ship mates, who I seen reading the book earlier and she had already passed it on to antother passenger....told me that the Author is on the Ship and we plan to have a book club meeting Saturday. Shortly after my friend introduced me to Gigi Vega and she so kindly gave me a copy of her book, signed it and invited me to join the Meet & Greet.
Long story ....longer, I read her book and couldn't put it down. I was so excited Saturday when we all met. It was a nice sized group and she was a great host and had supplied us with food and drinks along with forget-me-nots....what a really nice lady and well spoken. I keep telling people to buy her book because her story is not only true, but this lady is extremely local and very, very down to earth. ***** Five Stars from me and the crew of book clubbers. BTW: I did find the book on amazon and createspace, a few of my co-workers ordered it. Please let me know what you think? I've never been STAR STRUCK but this lady was just soooo sweet after all the hell she had to endure, I would be a bullet not a sweet rose if that was my life.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I read God, I do exist. It was captivating. This author kept my complete attention. I began reading the book on my train ride into work and every chance I got at work I picked it up. All I kept thinking is "This is GOING TO BE ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!! Tyler Perry better find this woman and fast, before someone else picks her up! There has to be more to this story, initially I felt satisfied but then I wanted more, I needed more. The stories in this book just made me feel like, well it's hard to explain....but I really loved the way she told her story. I really hope you ALL get to check it out, it's worth it. from: K.