Earth Girls Are Easy

Remember this one?? 

Geena Davis, and damn - what is that huys name - oh yeah, Jeff Goldblum ?? 

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7 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Me too! I love the book too!=)<br />
<br />
Felon is a great movie! And no problemoo!

I LOVE Fight club - this is one of the all time favorite movies that I always recommend to friends. Have NOT seen Felon., Definitely need to look that one up - thanks for the suggestion.

Oh I totally agree!<br />
Fight Club was amazing too! <br />
<br />
Have you seen Felon?

American History X is fantastic!! LOVE Edward Norton :)

American History X, if you haven't seen it is a very good movie.

Classic - pretty schticky - but funny. <br />
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Kentucky Fried Movie are classics too ....

Haven't seen that one....