Was Molested By My Bio Father

I was molested be my biological father who my mother is still married to. He did it for 3 1/2 years from when I was about 11 to 14. The only reason that it had stopped then was because the police were told. What did the police do? Nothing. What did CPS do? Nothing. My mother stayed married to him, still is. My brother and sister still think I am lying also and that hurts. He walks around still lying about it and gets to walk around scout free, while I live with this nightmare everyday of my life. I can now talk about it with out crying and I didn't turn to drugs or alcohol, but it tills has a hold of me with my anger. I hate that I have an anger problem and I want to change that so bad but I know it's a working process. My anger has calmed a lot but it is still there every now and again. I want to know how to over come this. How to let me go on and live a normal life with my boyfriend and son.
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To over come you must find a median and balance point surrounding your life because any added stress or pressure will tip things easily and the more you get used to happiness the easier it will be as times goes. But you must accepted what had happen in the past and be ready to do what it takes to get better. Most would talk to a therapist. But I find if u find that either a great understanding friend or someone who been through and at a good point in their life can help u heal as well. Talk about ur anger and find solution and problem that cause the anger such as for me is my financial stress and my diet such as too much caffeine or sugar cause my anxiety level to rise and I begin to act out on my anger. Hope this helps. Sorry for what happen to u too. Must keep it strong!!

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My mom is going through the same thing it's horrible I feel her pain how can I help her? Have u found anything that eases the anger?