Being Molested

This happened to me when I was 12/13. My mom had a new boyfriend and he was into drugs and alcohol. He had a 3 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. My mom had barely known him for long before she let him move in with us. For the first half of a year when he was living with us, nothing happened, but before I knew it, he was trying to make his way into my bedroom at night. The first time it happened he came and sat on my bed and started putting his hand under my shirt. I didn't know what to do and I just laid there. After he left I started crying. I never told my mom about it because I thought she was happy and I didn't want to ruin this for her. He would make his way into my bedroom almost every other night to put his hands under my shirt and feel me up. One night, I was laying on our couch and I fell asleep watching tv. I woke up to find him standing above me and my pants were undone and he had his hand down my pants. I ran into the bathroom and bawled my eyes out. He told me to "go ahead and tell" with this grin on his face. I was truly scared of him and when I went into my mom's room to tell her what happened... I just couldn't. Eventually she ended up breaking up with him. To this day though, I still have never mentioned to her or anyone else that this happened to me. 

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See thats just it seems like the people always get away with it just last week their was a woman who lived up the street from me she had a foster child she was 13 mind you this crazy woman always had a spatula for cooking made of metal heated on the stove she would spank the girl with the hot spatula the girl would get blisters on her but from being burnt then the crazy lady would break open the blisters and pour alcohol in the open blisters...WTF is wrong with people for real?? That pour little girl will be messed up for life now. The cops came and got that crazy bastard but still in my openion she needs to suffer a slow and painfull death too many nuts in our prison system now. I feel that they should go back to the old days if you would steel a horse you would be hung by the neck end of story................

The only people I ever told about my molestation is this and my stepfather after 24 yrs
it ate away at me that I didn't say nothing and he was doing it to other boys, I was 8 when this happened I didn't know what the hell happened and he was a family friend I was scared to say something because I was a kid and he threatened me. Now I hear he is not around he just vanished, he worked for my stepfathets company. I grew up with alot of anger, drugs and alcohol, this feels good to let this out.

Anytime!I thought after i told my mom things would just go away... And they did for a while, but when the closet got too full it just bursted open. I do the same thing. write in a journal. It helps get out all the feeling you have that you cant talk about with anyone els! Im sorry you have to go through that! You see im not the only one im in my house that went through it...My older sister was having it happen to her for 9 years! But i wish you the best of luck. And if you ever need to vent just message me!

Thanks for replying :) Yeah, it's tough not saying anything to anyone about it. I'm so glad that I have experience project so that I can share my story and get it out in the open without anyone I know personally knowing its me. I also have a journal that I always write in and it really helps writing it all down. I'm sorry that you had to go through the same thing and I really hope things get better for you :)

I had a similar situation. See he was my step dad and i was 12/13... Mine went on for 7 months...I wont go in to details like you did, but i didn't tell my mom till last may! Thing get somewhat better... but you will never feel the same as you used to feel! Even tho people may say they are there for for me i still feel alone... Than thats how its like cause no one will ever know how you feel or what you went through!