Molested By My Dad.

It happened whilst i was around the family for Christmas. I got scared that he had put his hands down and over me   to far , and he thumped me a few times. I ended up in pain for 3 weeks felt it would never recover, then eventually my arm did. I want to stop blaming myself and to be rid of that feeling of self discust, and the feeling of being made to feel filthy after what happened.


 In the meantime The physical torment was a night mare and he'd also spend half his time acting like a 3 year old and clowning arond with me, rather than being like how a father should be. I did not feel  safe to be alone with him, never trusting his company one minute to he next, felt he'd used to delibratly annoy me.


 still worry over confrontation from my family.that I decided I no longer wanted to have anything to do with. It would go over and over  head again an aigain.

He caused me to have low self esteem and felt that he wrecked my confdence and made me feel worthless.

pottyash pottyash
31-35, F
Feb 23, 2010