hi, i have been bulimic since the age of 15 and am now 36.


my potassium is low, the doctor tells me my kidneys are not functioning well and my uric acid is high and i now get severe gout...


a warning i am sure yet i still cant stop or control the binge/purge syndrome. why not, how do i do it... any advice

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hey sweetie, when your potasium is low you can and most likely will go into cardiac arrest, please go into emerg so that they can rebalance your electrolites , i was in the same boat as you and it was scary im a mother of 3 and knowing that at ANY time i could just die weather awake or in my sleep was so scary. your way to young to be on dialyis it can all be reversed if you get help ...please for you get help no one will judge you this is a wide spread disease and you will get nothing but support and sympathy.

I have some great advice!..I am an emetophobic. which is the exact opposite of you, I have a fear of vomitting. I havent been sick since I was 6 yrs old. whenever I do feel a little nauseated..I fight it until the end..Take pepto or an anti emetic. shoot me a message

hi, i am also bulimic. in recovery. i strongly suggest you should get some help, vistit a psychologist, specially, and or a psychisatrist. dont be ashamed. fight it. bulimia isnt yiu, you are not bulimia. bulimia is an illness, we girls, women and men are ill, and need special attenyion, like any other ill person there may be.<br />
lots of love, if you need anything, say so :)

Hi I have been bulimic for the past ten years. All that time I knew that binging-purging was wrong but I could not stop!!! I still do it!!! When stressed, anxious, when life gets out of control...the most surprising part is that I am training to be a therapist and I decided to do bulimia my main research topic. While battling with bulimia I realised that I struggled with myself more than with anything else in life. I still do...it was not the professionals, family, friends who did not listen, it was me and my bulimic side that did not listen to them! For me as much as I wanted to give up bulimia I also felt frighten of letting this side of me go. It was like an abusive relationship I had with myself. It hurt it ruined my life at times and I still struggled to walk away. Now I want to help others. I want to explore others experience of seeking help for bulimia. And I believe that bulimia is not just an illness, I know it was part of me and still is to some extent.