Waste Not Want Not

 I'm reminded today about the little things people waste.  I am walking back from repairing fence on my middle pasture.  I needed a tool I did not take with me.  I left my tractor and truck out next to the fence to walk 1200 feet.  I know people that would never even walk 200 feet.  Many around where I live own John Deere Gators that they drive from the house to the mail box, or out to check the cow's water.  They may log 800 feet in a day.  I consider this a great waste.  I was thinking, by not taking my tractor or truck back to the house, I'm saving diesel fuel, wear and tear, and my health.  Over 5 or 10 years this could add up in the thousands of dollars saved, not to mention the reduction in envirenmental impact.



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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

also the exercise from distance walked. keep it up. if everyone did their part, it wouldn't take much from each of us.