In order for the person on the outside to feel like who i am on the inside i am going to:

Dye my hair- a dark red

Change my style- to gothic and alternative. I also want to wear guys clothes (their jeans and t shirts are really comfy)

Buy more accessories- cause it enhances said look

Get some more ear piercings (sadly facial piercings are against my school's rules, but i can get some when i leave)

Get a tattoo as soon as i turn 18 (need time to decide anyway)

Exercise and tone up- so i look like a woman instead of a pudgy child.

Become better at cooking- and vary my diet so i don't eat junk. I want to learn how to cook Thai and Japanese food, they're so delicious!

Just neaten myself up in general- while i'm quite a low maintenance person, i think i ought to at least keep my hair trimmed and neat, my skin free of spots and my eyebrows reasonably neat.

Expand my brain power- train my brain, eat brain foods and getting enough sleep. Learning at every opportunity.
CaitlinBuchan97 CaitlinBuchan97
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Good. You're finally getting over everything.

I'm getting there gradually