i'm who i am but i still would love to make a huge change in how people percieve me

to many people i'm consiered emo

mostly bc they dont know what emo is so they can't recognize what isn't emo
(like if you dont know what france looks like anywhere can be france to you[if that makes sense})

but i'm more hardcore than emo ever... i have black hair a striped jacket and a emo style haircut

but i wear bright colors and i love patterns and polka dots and stripes...

but peopel still have this idea that i'm emo sad all the time and cut myself even though i have a tattoo on my wrist and who would want to ruin their tattoo....

but yeah so i'm starting to change the way i dress to a way people haven't ever thought of me before bc maybe if i dress so many differneet ways they will actually try to get to know me instead of judging me based on what i wear

i bought two hollister shirts on black friday

so preppy is where i'm heading so this is goign to be exciting bc everyone thinks i'm some weak emotional teen just bc of black hair and a studded belt and the love for screamo but they know nothing and i'm going to prove it :)

xmeliex xmeliex
18-21, F
Nov 24, 2007