Trying To Relactate

Well i have been trying to about a month now and tonight started to get drips. Been taking goats rue and dom. breast are getting bigger and doing alot of play with them. i am going about this by myself so its taking a bit longer then i would like but so worth it. Love the feel of breast enlarged and full of milk. Looking forward to more then just a few drops but at least i got drops yeahhhh
update had to step back fpr awile from this but about 2 weeks ago started taking do again and well milk is back and flowing nicely thanks to pumping
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Congrats, now what?

I think we'd all love a picture of your breasts flowing again Kandy! :-)

Would love to taste your milk!

Congratulations. I am from Houston. If you need any help just let me know. I like the taste of milk. I love to drink it.

Congregation, I have been trying to as well my left one is a lil sore from the pump I just got yesterday me an my husband have been doing it about a week an I was doing it with my hand an could manage a few drops but im not able to get anything with my pump, an he can only do it twice a day bc he works so I pump every few hours but considering going back to my hands bc they feel full still after 30 of pumping but its so much easier to pump i just wish id get milk in fully lol its not easy… …

I have always wanted to find someone lactating so i could try. I would suckle you for hours. could you add me so i can see your pictures.

it would be easier if you had someone to latch onto your nipple and suck the nurishment out of you. i cant think of anything i would enjoy more

Congratulations on getting milk flowing! If you need any help please email me :-)

Wish I had milk, congrats

got milk :)

mmm, id love to taste your milk. xxx

How is this going for you? Any progress?

I remember a swinging encounter we had several years ago with a woman from Atlanta who had given birth a few months prior. Every man who grabbed or sucked either got a squirt or a sip. Jokingly, she said, " some for my baby!" It was funny and hot!

Wonderful, I've helped with this before ... and can help again!

I also am trying to relactate. I love the feel of full breasts and I want them to leak so I need my husband to give relief.

Trying to do the same with my wife

my wife doing the same thing , but with my help, in Tn if your around,