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How could someone not feed this precious, little angel??? I just do not understand. According to the autopsy, she starved too death, which means her death was slow and agonizing. Can you forget this little girl???  Now you understand why I cannot.


Lillington, N.C. — Harnett County prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against the mother of an 11-month-old girl whose remains were were found in the attic of a Spring Lake home two years ago.

Johni Michelle Heuser, 27, of 1680 Ray Road, was indicted in September on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Harmony Jade Creech.

Deputies found the toddler’s remains in her mother’s attic on Oct. 20, 2007. The indictment states the child was killed between Aug. 31, 2007, and Sept. 30, 2007.

You guys remember Johni Michelle Heuser, don’t you? Sure you do. Well, one of the problems with Johni’s case was that the prosecution couldn’t identify a cause of death for little Harmony. Heuser claimed that she panicked when she found the child dead in her crib and hid the body in her attic. They no longer have that problem.

The decision (to go for the death penalty) was made official Tuesday during a hearing in Harnett County Superior Court for Johni Heuser, 27, during which possible causes in the death of 11-month-old Harmony Jade Creech were revealed for the first time.

Ms. Heuser was charged with first degree murder in October 2007 after a search of her home revealed Harmony’s remains stuffed in a plastic-wrapped diaper box hidden in the attic of her Ray Road home.

The decision to try Ms. Heuser with a capital offence came during a Rule 24 hearing. In a Rule 24 hearing the state must show mitigating circumstances in the crime in order to raise it to the level of a death penalty offense.

In Ms. Heuser’s case, the mitigating circumstance, Prosecutor Davis Weddle said, was the way in which Harmony died, a cause of death determined in part by a study conducted by an anthropologist from UNC-Chapel Hill who studied the child’s bones. The death was a slow one, he said. “It takes a long time for bones to become stunted,” Mr. Weddle said. “She (the anthropologist) relayed to me that this child, Harmony Creech, died of starvation or chronic severe malnutrition.”

During his response, co-defense counsel Phil Fusco argued the state medical examiner officially sets the cause of death. Mr. Fusco said the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy said he could not determine starvation conclusively and chronic malnutrition could be caused by natural causes such as SIDS and pneumonia..

So it appear the State’s theory will be that Johni Michelle Heuser was obsessed with the online video game “Final Fantasy” to the point that she ignored the basic needs of 2-year-old Harmony Jade Creech. Things like food. And water. As a result of Heuser’s obsession, little Harmony Creech starved to death.

Afterwards, Heuser wrapped the body in plastic, placed it in an empty diaper box, and hid it in her attic. When Harmony’s father, Sgt. Ronald Creech II, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, returned from a 15-month deployment in Iraq, Heuser initially claimed the baby had been abducted. Later, when the remains were discovered, she changed her story and told police she found the baby dead in her crib.

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It's heartbreaking. I don't know how you do it. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need a bigger house, I would end up taking all of them home with me....lol...<br />
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I'm sure you are tempted to do the same. *Hugs*

I see this type of thing everyday at work, kids that go hungry because the parents needed booze and smokes more than food; clothing treated as an optional extra because the parents needed a new cellphone...the list goes on. For such a small nation, we have some of the highest child death ratios here - and it gets worse everyday. It's sick, it really is. When did children become a commodity and less human????

That's a very good question, LMS. <br />
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You need a license to drive and even proper ID to borrow a book from the library, but apparently, any dipshit with a vajayjay can have a baby.

And these type of people are allowed to breed why? Grrrrr