Epitome Of Negativity

I do want to remove all negativity from my life but in order to that I would have to get rid of my husband who is the epitome of negativity.
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4 Responses Aug 31, 2011

Children are stronger than what credit is given [I know experienced moving on with two young ones] Be sure you are not just thinking of the children and not also that you feel your husband gives you security. Its a case of choosing one or the other. Plus at this time could you make a better life on your own with the children/

Make sure you remember that "staying together" because of the kids is surely going to affect the situation down the road. Obviously I'm not a brainiac when it comes to divorce etc, but it seems that the logical choice is to get out when you are ready to get out. Maybe your kids will be better for it ya know?<br />
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It's a tough choice and I feel for you my friend.

I've been thinking about it, right now my kids are a little young so I was thinking maybe when they get a little older I could make my escape. Feel like they could handle the split better when they are older.

Kind of caught between a rock and a hard place wouldn't you say? Are you making the move to get rid of him?