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Epitome Of Negativity

I do want to remove all negativity from my life but in order to that I would have to get rid of my husband who is the epitome of negativity.
howsab howsab 31-35, F 5 Responses Aug 31, 2011

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Children are stronger than what credit is given [I know experienced moving on with two young ones] Be sure you are not just thinking of the children and not also that you feel your husband gives you security. Its a case of choosing one or the other. Plus at this time could you make a better life on your own with the children/

You are your kids mother so you know at what age you can do this without doing them serious harm. Have a plan. Have a deadline. It will energize you and help you be able to deal with all of this negativity. Make plans and do things to bring about those plans every day. Remember, you will need to have as much information as possible, marriage license, birth certificates of you, your husband and kids, driver's license copies, car registration, property deeds, bank account information and numbers, insurance, credit cards, names and addresses of all of his relatives and friends and as much information (birthdays, licenses and memberships) about them as you can get. This is much more easily done when you have plenty of time and are not in the midst of a divorce. Consider it your first project to get copies of all pertinent paperwork and stash it all someplace where he won't find it. Get every scrap of information you can; you never know when you might need it. Make extra copies of all keys and stash them. Go through all of your stored stuff and decide what you will be taking and then put that stuff in specially marked boxes so that, when the time comes, you can simply move it out when you are ready to go. Start researching various things you might like to do when you get your freedom, happy, positive things. Make up a folder of information about positive stuff you might want to do eventually.<br />
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By doing this, you are becoming stronger and focusing on your future. It will make it easier to endure whatever time you have left in this miserable situation. I have a feeling your kids will do just fine without a negative dad around them 24/7. Not to mention that they will have a much happier mother--and a brave one, too.<br />
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Start planning and collecting information now. This will be your first step toward freedom.

Make sure you remember that "staying together" because of the kids is surely going to affect the situation down the road. Obviously I'm not a brainiac when it comes to divorce etc, but it seems that the logical choice is to get out when you are ready to get out. Maybe your kids will be better for it ya know?<br />
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It's a tough choice and I feel for you my friend.

I've been thinking about it, right now my kids are a little young so I was thinking maybe when they get a little older I could make my escape. Feel like they could handle the split better when they are older.

Kind of caught between a rock and a hard place wouldn't you say? Are you making the move to get rid of him?