To Rescue Or Not To Rescue!

Wanting to make a diffrence is something we all feel like doing when we see the amount of suffering going on around us. However wanting to make a diffrence and actually doing it takes a lot of time money and oppertunity. It is not just rescuing another lost soul it is also a question about being abel to provide the nescessary care and love and understanding for years to come that should make us think twice before we rescue.Truth is we can all make a diffrence without a penny to our names. There are websites such as the animalrescue site click for free and make a diffrence for countless causes. There is Freekibble .com as well a good place to start and something that makes you feel good because you are making a diffrence every single day.Remember that every long journey starts with a singel step. Then you can gather knowledge about certain aspects of animal rescue and find a course that speaks to your heart and that makes you feel the need to make a diffrence. You might stumbel upon it by chance or a specific breed of dog might capture your heart and soul. This is what happend to me and it has brought me so much happiness that I am all too happy to share it with others. It all began with the death of my nine month old whippet puppy. He had been diagnosed with a cerebral tumor and haemophelia. I had to let him go with love for his sake. The love we shared was uniqe and I thought of one way to honour that love would be to share it with a hound that had never known love or what having a home would be like. Hence Connor came into our lives and it was a lifechanger beyond words. I started my own organisation in 2006 and without being rich. I make a diffrence by simply alerting others to the plight of racing greyhounds and the Spanish galgoes. Lots of lives have been saved in the nick of time because of the many contacts I have avaliabel. I have never been abel to take any hounds in myself untill two and a half years ago. I was only allowed to keep two hounds that changed when I moved to a bigger place that allowed me to have two more hounds. Those two places have since been filled with two more deserving greyhounds. My hands on rescue Tristan and my surplus to requirements retiered racing champion. I have learnt a lot over the span of those short years. Enough that starting to rescue animals should come with a warning never take in more than you have time money and space for. I am not trying to discourage anyone but it does take all of the above mentioned qualities in order to make that vital diffrence and it takes commitment as well for years to come because what you bring home is a helpless family member that will require a lot of time money and understanding as well as patience. So before you decide to start a rescue remember this and you will be well on your way to making a diffrence wether big or small is not the issue it is the deed in itself that makes the diffrence. You could voulenteer at a shelter or rescue if you have what it takes. Best wishes and good luck to all would be rescuers out there. God bless  Lisbeth Mønsted Larsen Greyhound Action Denmark.
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I am a rescuer and I am proud of it because there is nothing better on this planet then saving one dogs life from a life of cruelty!

In my opinion if you can <br />
make the life of an abused/ animal<br />
a happy one why not?<br />
its not their fault some humans are cruel insensitive<br />
and can not see the harm they do (in some cases, any how)<br />
and there are some charitable animal associations willing to help you<br />
with the cost of animal care (vaccinations etc if you are on a low income) in the UK the P.D.S.A<br />
except donations from members of the public when they treat a sick animal<br />
and you can register up to three pets at one time including one pedigree.<br />
best wishes <br />

Thanks Welsh babe it is much apriciated. i support the RSPCA and Dogs trust too but am a bit disapointed that an organisation as large and importantas dogs trust dosen´t make a stronger stand against greyhound racing. I am very pleased about the new welfare laws but the greyhounds have been left out of the equation once more. We are quite a few who oppose cruelty and on a level people have no idea about as it is a well kept secret. However more and more people and companies have taken notice of what is going on behind the scenes of greyhound racing and they too are opposed to it a company such as Lush cosmetics takes a brave stand against the racing industry. Have a look at under news archives there you will see what is going on there is a video or two about what a standard kennel looks like for the greyhounds.Thanks for the compliments they and your friendship is highly apriciated.

I support a few animal charities, to name a few! ie; RSPCA and the Dogs Trust! Save the Seals!,. We, my family and i! have also rescued a few dogs down the years, from the local animal shelters,. :-) I take my hat off to you! and curtsy to you my friend i really do!!! <br />
Thank you! for sharing your post!!! May i wish you good luck, for all your wonderful achievements!!! :-)