I'm am making an all-out effort to eliminate the intermittent lack-of-energy problem that I've experienced for what has to be many years now, 15-20 or more. I've just tolerated it until now. It has not become any worse lately or better despite my efforts to address the problem. But I am motivated to realize my full potential and this problem is holding me back. As they say, I'm tired of being tired.

Yesterday, I felt perfectly fine. I was able to focus and get my work done. I felt optimistic and energized. When I was out biking, I had the strength to peddle hard and have a good workout. This morning, I woke up with burning red eyes, a type of headache, and feeling tired. I'm not focus. I feel crappy really. I have no idea how I can feel great one day and low energy the next day.

I suspect that it's more of a physical problem than a psychological one, though I accept that the two are usually always interrelated.

But the big problem remains that I don't know if it's primarily a physical or psychological problem. I'm in quite good shape physically, very fit actually, however the problem persists. I do have a major problem with a lack of interpersonal contact and I have a very minimal, practically non-existent social support network. I'm single and I don't have any sexual relations. My parents are living but I don't want to lean on them for support. Indeed, I want to be healthy, to be over this problem, so they can feel more comfortable about me. Anyway. I'm not 100% sure that more relations with people will help much. I do have contact with people and I even run a social club that meets once a week and I make many great contact there (yet I don't engage much with people day-to-day, mostly because I live in a new city area where I lack roots and connections. But I would not say that I'm an anti-social, isolating type of person.

On the physical side, I've noticed that I often get up too often at night to urinate. Being on a plant-based diet, I just learned that many of the foods I eat most frequently are the top natural diuretic foods:
brussel sprouts

In researching this, I have learned that diabetes is one of the major causes of frequent urination. So, I went back and checked my last blood test of glucose levels. It's 92 and the normal range is 70-100, so it looks like I'm clear there.

On the psychological side, my strategy is to list the behaviors I should try to do each day to address this problem. Also, I want to have a way to measure how well I do these things each day. Beside this measurement, I want to record each day my energy level. Good? Low energy? Medium. And then I want to see if my mood will track greater success in doing each day those things that are often said to help people resolve their depression issues. And let's be clear, this "energy" issue is the terminology I use to "hide" what is probably mild depression.

Journaling is one of the daily habits I'd like to develop as part of this project.
SteppeStone SteppeStone
51-55, M
Aug 18, 2014