Toads In The Slowcooker

i hear it constantly now, its too late to do anything about it.  the government will do whatever it wants reguardless of what  I say or do so why bother. or I am just one person what could I ever hope to do. other things i hear are, well at least it is still a free country. as I pondered these things my eyes wandered about, looking at a nation on the verge of losing their perserverance to keep on denying the reality that they have been convinced to have no hope in stopping. how could this have happened? a question I have answered myself over and over, a question that is answered again by the words I was pondering. who says its too late? who says the government is un-stoppable? who says we are still free? as my thought processes take a stroll through the events that have brought us to the nursing home we have placed lady liberty in, and I say we including myself. though I have for many years spoken to people about the very things we now are facing but still so many do so with their eyes tightly shut, like a child who fears the monster lurking in the closet at night when they are shaken out of a nightmare, only the nightmare we experienced was a drug induced rape of our morals and our values, the dosage provided only a certain amount of relief for a certain amount of time, and as drugs are were totally ineffective to some, had adverse reactions in others but for most it produced the desired results. this "drug" better known as self centered mentality, only by this single purposfully indoctrinated ideology could the full scale assult on the institutions and the values that they held to begin. cleverly they used the issue of civil rights under the guise of equality and the rights being denied african americans and played on the horrible crimes being done to them, and it must be stressed here not because they truely wanted to right a terrible wrong that had been a constant way of life since the end of the civil war but to set the foundation of the self centered mentality of "entitlement" and by playing upon the moral rights held by most americans civil rights were made into law. this allowed our monster to then put into work the next phase of division and "entitlement" that of womens rights. the right to choose, the right of equal opportunity in the workforce, and then laws protecting women, african americans and the disabled, only including veterans after it was apparent that those "baby butchers" would cry bias not being included with right to choose "baby butchers" and it was too early to start denying people their rights this blatantly. next on their list was and still is that of sexual orientation, though for the most part fully implemented they have still to completely destroy the institution of marriage, not that they had much left to destroy after making getting a divorce as easy as ordering fast food in a drive thru. you see in all of these "rights I am intitled to have" that truely needed no laws. while they waived the banner of equality and unity brainwashing people with repeated propaganda slogans and ideologies that seemed fair and right. the purpose they served to create was division, black against white, men against women,christians against the secular and gays, that by being divided the morals that held the nation together, morals held by the christians and most middle class and lower class income could be labeled as bigoted, racist, sexist and what ever else our monster saw as a need to tear down before the implementation of what even 20 years ago would have been met with armed resistance. for one who is able to look at what I am saying here and realize it is 100% true they will realize how dire the situation we are all in, we are divided,full of hate and suspicion towards eachother and 50 years of this ensures our monster there will be no chance we will set aside everything and stand together, even now as the liberal socialists who dressed as democrats and spouted the rights slogans and the right wing whatever labels are  removing their masks people who have been conditioned to believe the slogans and labels still believe them the right wing extremists and republicans are in no position to dictate anything, this was and is a international corporate take over, our democratic party is  and has not been what it presented itself to be as much  as the republicans are not either. two hands belonging to the one monster giving us the illusion of choice but choosing only what is given to us on t.v. to choose from. the "rights" that were given will disappear with the rest of the constitution. in 2011 we face the greatest tax hikes in our history as a nation, where are the promised jobs? the promises we were given for the bailouts that the people in majority voiced opposition? it is within this question I see even when it is darkest there is hope remaining, for inspite of all the division we found a common thread being truely unified in opposition to our monster. for we are, all of us toads in the slowcooker and the only way to extinguish the fire is to work together and knock the kettle over.
forsakentruth forsakentruth
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 27, 2010

I listen to Alex Jones...sounds like you would like him. Check him out.....and thanks for sharing your heartsong.