An Overhaul Long Over Due

I have come to the conclusion along with several others I have spoken with that we are being force fed who is acceptable to occupy our government. acceptable to whom? i beg for your time to read this with an open mind, I am aware that it is not a view held by even a minority of Americans. for a liberal will come along and belitle this as a "conspiracy theory" a trigger word that psycologically has been programmed in the brain to cause most people to join in the label lashing or look away judging it to be complete nonsense or full of right wing rhetoric not even bothering to view the material and making a decision for themselves. and we see on the other hand of the same monster I will be introducing to you is the right and true party of the people, who will see the danger of what it is I am revealing to you and that is the person(s) there behind the curtain no one in the government  left or right wants you to see so they will play upon the minds of the people whos thought processes were more psycologially vunerable to the programming of the conservative ideologies, invasion of privacy, playing on the fears of leftist "conspiracies that it is merely a ploy to force in a system that will create more government, have no control over who might get into government, that the common citizen is not qualified to handle big issues like war on terror, national security, they will use all the play book lines both sides to get every one away from this idea to get the people bickering and calling each other names not noticing the fact that both sides were working  together to keep us divided. if you are still reading this are you grasping the reality of what I am saying? for the last 50 - 60 years it has been steadily progressing, which I explain in the story "toads in the slowcooker" we need fresh faces as much as a renewed thought process to the purpose our government was founded and that is to serve the people and the nation. we are a society that for every meaning of the word been brainwashed by the t.v. media, how to dress and what to drive, what is cool and what is not, what is right and what is wrong is no longer taught by mom and dad but by the sitcoms, starting with childrens programming, cartoons and stuffed animals singing "moral" chorals that are repeated and driven deep into the childs sub conscious. as they get older the programming becomes geared to what is socially acceptable and what will cause you to be a social outcast. the news is blatantly biased as well as the sitcoms so that there is little chance a sizable number of people will escape indoctrination. this same institution, the t.v. media which is seen as a source for information and entertainment, even as educational is spared largely due to censorship (yes censorship) any scrutiny towards who actually controls what we view and the assumption it is regulated by the F.C.C. the only regulating the F.C.C does is to keep any information or opinions that could cause anyone to look into what I am going to share with you.      your t.v. not only is for thought control which I briefly expained but also a means to keep the people from ever reclaiming their country should by chance enough of us ever grow wise to what is happening try to run for office and expose the truth winning landslide elections and throwing the monster and its sevants out of our nation for good. this monster is made of of the largest corporate, insurance and banking institutions in the world.all working to acheive one ultimate goal and this is to end all national sovereignty on earth and implement a global corporate government that has one currency and no personal liberties or freedoms for anyone but the elite. am I insane? ask yourself this if you think so before you decide you have heard too much, why is it when you read the voters pamphlet there are say 10 people running for president yet only 2 and now lately 3 of them receive any coverage? the 3 one usually receiving the least coverage but mostly negative. why is it that without exception we find ourselves "suckered" again by promises never intended to be kept. what of the other candidates? why were they not given equal and fair coverage? even as both slants of news media scream fair and balanced, or giving you the whole story. so the common citizen who would fix this problem child who is fast maturing into a full grown tyrant can by this system ever hope to be elected, why? because our t.v. tells us who to vote for. currently I am working on this idea that will take the election process out of the hands of the t.v. media and replace it with a forum that allows everyone who wants to serve in government  the ability to be equally concidered. and i am also brainstorming laws changing the rules concerning campaign ads and corporate sponsorship, both being outlawed. if I am passed off as just some conspiracy nut, at least this nut is trying to do something about this. if i am a nut it is only for making a stand to restore liberty and defend it that you may have the right to think so, but for freedoms sake think for yourself!
forsakentruth forsakentruth
31-35, M
Aug 28, 2010