The Writing of Lucifer

Around 1989-90, not long after I started seriously getting into writing (around age eleven), I read an article in a tabloid newspaper about a woman whose baby was being threatened by a cult of devil worshippers who called themselves "Scorpio." The story intrigued me so much that I decided to incorporate elements of it in a new storyline I developed, which came to be called the "D Is For Damien" storyline, titled after the name of the second novel. The first novel in this series, which at last count was proposed to have over twenty books (of which only three so far have been completed), was called Lucifer.

The novel was meant to feature as its protagonist a character named Lucifer whose father, also named Lucifer, was still a member of the Scorpio cult. Instead, it was Lucifer's younger brother Damien who became the protagonist for some reason, and he took on a life of his own. To this day he's my most highly developed character, and one of my favorites.

The novel Lucifer was started around 1989-90, but then a drastically different version was written and completed during my high school years (1991-95). Ironically it was because of the prompting of a supposed "boyfriend" and his own desire to see the story finished that I even completed this novel and its sequel, D Is For Damien, in the first place. (He later proved not to be much of a boyfriend after all.) The two novels were written over an extended period of time (years), with no real plotting beforehand, and so the plots were scattershot at best and really lousy at worst. Still, I was very proud of them; not many high schoolers can say they've written two novels.

In 2000, I first came online, and was thrilled to discover that I could utilize diary sites to post my writing for the world to see. (I had yet to be made aware of free webhosts like GeoCities.) I posted Lucifer in one such diary and a user at a message board I frequented (and had much difficulty on from trolls, but that's another story) promised to comment on it for me. I was grateful--at first. His comments started out somewhat sarcastic and quickly devolved into downright rude and insulting. When I told him to please stop, he resorted to trolling my diary, even returning to post anonymous insults after I blocked him. I realized he was just a troll, but this experience really soured me on the "D4D" series and Lucifer in particular for quite a long time, and I put the entire series on hiatus even while new stories fermented in my mind. I just did the world a favor and refrained from writing them (aside from a third novel, Minot, which was written before I came online).

Now and then an occasional person would say how much they enjoyed the stories, but I still refused to pick them up again. I worked on my other, more popular (though not by much) writing. It was written better, and had more potential. It didn't have the horrible flaws that my occult novels had, thus was easier to work with.

Over time, I saw how my writing style was developing as I worked on long serials, and even halted work on an erotica series to rewrite earlier chapters so they flowed better with later chapters. This rewrite alone took two or three years. This was the first time I'd ever undertaken such a huge revision project (I like to get the first draft as good as I can so I don't have to revise much), and it proved that I could do it. And now...I started having thoughts of attempting to rewrite Lucifer, and pick up the series again.

I delayed doing this for quite a while, telling myself that I didn't have enough new and better ideas to do so, but with a lack of people to advise me, I finally got started on it one day. I decided to leave the prologue, which seems mostly all right to me (it was written at a later date anyway), for later, and started redoing Chapter 1. Then Chapter 2...and at the moment I'm redoing Chapter 5. While many elements of the story remain the same, I'm also attempting to improve on things that were weak in the original, and to drop in hints of things to come in later novels, should I ever get to them! Hopefully this will make the novel and/or series not only more coherent, but a better read as well. Though who really knows, I've never managed to build a fanbase.

That is where I am with the attempted rewrite--not just revision--of this novel so far (July 5th 2007), and I do hope to complete it some time and get to work on the next, and then perhaps start on the novels which haven't even seen the light of day just yet.

I hope Damien can be patient with me!


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:O i admire you for working so hard!! I wanted to become a novelist too but alas I was never truly talented in writing :/ Please don't give up! It gives me hope to see people accomplish their dreams, and maybe I could do the same :)

Thank you. I appreciate all the encouragement I can get.

I have a great old copy of the work "Lucifer" by Vondell...a classic in its field, much after the style of Milton's Paradise Lost, but darker.<br />
It is also signed by Von Noppen (another cultic writer); must have been his personal copy.<br />
Sigh...such things interest me so!