experience something new - bicycle across america!

I've done a lot of bikle rides with my longest being from Bosotn to Niagra falls, Canada 15 years ago, and this summer I biked from Boston to Fort Drum, Watertown, NY. 800 miles...I really would like to start on the west coast in June and ride across Amewrica. Anyone done this? Can you share the ride?


andyreynolds andyreynolds
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2 Responses Nov 11, 2009

i have dreamed of riding across america. i would love to do it with for a cause and with a 1-3 group person. i have been looking and looking for any groups on the net and all i can find is races and they cost 4-7k win i think we should camp out side on the trip and travel 75-95 miles a day or sun up to sun down. i would think it would be cool to set up donations through the local towns that we go through. we4 shouldnt havw to pay out of our own pocket but have sponsiers which is not hard to get at all. what do you think?

I did ragbrai this past summer and talked to a person that did a organized ride across the USA in 40 somedays averaging 80 miles a day. Sound cool, but for me it's going to have to wait for now.