Close My Eyes..

I remember when i was in the 4th grade i believe, i went to the fair with my best friend (back then). We were on this mini little..i guess farriswheel. Idk but it went like in the sky and in circles (u know what i mean?) Well anyways I remember closing my eyes..the wind hitting my face..and it literally felt like I was flying. At that one minute in time-all of my worries about school, kids at school , money, everything. It went away! I was.. it was the most peaceful thing i've felt..even to this day..

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8 Responses Mar 9, 2009

lol i feel u. next mission: find a rollercoaster.

Lol. <br />
U kinda got me a bit .."nervous" to try it now...lo l

LOL LOL. <br />
Lol you had a tramatic experience,huh? Lol well don't worry dear, the rollercoasters are gone now! You sure you'd NEVER try one again? (don't you hate it when somebody younger than you do things that makes u look scary?)

I'm from Mississippi-so needless to say our "fairs" and carnivals aren't much. But I remember this one round thing that went around and around-and I loved that. I was YOUNG like maybe 6 when I was on one-i BARELY remember it..hmm.. But other than that imma say nope! Lol i might just change my mind once I get on one-if I ever do :)

lilycue - i can't lie it does look scary if you're looking the whole time, but maybe it'd be better if your eyes were closed. idk.. my mind might change if i ever get on a REAL big one. lol

stormynightsky lol, you know you're welcome!

Can I come with you??? I LOVE rollercoasters!!!<br />
<br />

Lol-trust me if i EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER get the chance-i'll be the first one on there and the last one off.