My Bank Charges

I'd rob my bank, just to get all the "bank charges" they have taken from me over the years. then I'd **** on the floor before leaving.

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

man screw that.. Iwant the vault! The way I see it, I've had to pay so much between taxes, and of course bank charges, overdraft charges, paying insane gas prices, and paying by not having any time with my child for workin all the damn time...All that alone justifies being able to get a piece of that pie!

I get charged twice for using a different atm than my banks and i just found out they charge me just for using my debit card... its like i cant win. Im like **** it i will just pull all of my money out and keep it in a safe so i can use MY money FREE of charge , stupid *****. Haha whooooo make me wanna slap a *****

i know what you mean. it seems every time you turn around you get charged for something else. My hubby and I are both about ready to stop using banks.