I Don't Know...but....

I just want to run up to people and scream GABBA GABBA all up in their FACES! And then be like HA SUCK ON THAT and then run away throwing my hands in the air.....hmmm....I guess it's just a live in the moment kind of thing....Who knows....

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I can understand the want to do that to people, but if you came up to me and yelled GABBA GABBA in my face I might freak out and in self-defense do a sweep kick and knock you down.

i've done - and still do - that... except i didnt hide afterwards ^ XD <br />
i go up to them and ask them questions.<br />
the best reaction i got was a ***** slap!... (i asked a girl whatt size her boobs were)<br />
The good old dayyys :DD