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Im in austin and I'm 13 boy and I'm looking for another 13 year old
Massomi Massomi 13-15, M 1 Response Oct 15, 2012

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Hi I'm 13 also and I'll PM you an address, just come to the address and make sure no one follows you or knows where you are going. Also bring your hard drive or the whole computer. ... I'm KIDDING obviously... but I think this group and others like it are very dangerous and YOU could easily be some pervy old man who's trying to lure young boys. O_O ... I also (from experience) don't believe running away is likely to be the answer, or is likely to have a good outcome.. but if you write stories about what's making you want to run away then maybe you can get some good advice on this site from people who understand and can relate. I'm sorry that things are so bad that you'd consider running away, I hope you do find some good advice from the experienced people on EP.