I Want To Run Away Somewhere

Just like the title... I want to be myself, without thinking of others might think about it. I want to be free & happy & just be the person I want to be. I have issues with myself that I chose not to tell anyone. I'm thankful I found this site to atleast let my feelings out & it helps my heart to feel better a bit. I don't know how or when but I'm wishing I can... All I want is to be happy & find the right person who will see the real me, to show who really I am. I got no one else to tell this with & I feel alone somehow... I don't know but everytime I wake up In the morning It feels like I'm caged & incomplete.. I need someone to complete me too but as for now I am like a soul wandering around. Waiting for someone & the right time to fall in it's perfect place...
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You cant run from yourself. How will that comfort you. If you have issues that you cant tell anyone; that seems a place to start accepting who you are. And love, love is good but has its own problems too. You can love love when you can love you.

Your comment makes me cry! :'(... i realized something from these.. I know I can't run, It's my wishful thinking that I can... I agree with what you said that I need to accept who I really am but I'm not ready for it.. & love yea it's another issue,.. Thanks for the comment >.

I hope you have the courage to accept yourself. Give youself some "me" time and figure out what you want :D Ben & Jerry's ice cream wouldnt hurt? Enjoy.

XD Now I want that! :)), I need a huge courage for this one.. If you will read some of my stories you will understand what Iam going through. thanks again ^^

That's how I used to feel. I had everything. But I felt completely out of place, depressed, and caged. So I left. By taking back my freedom from the bars society puts around us, I found myself and my happiness. (: It just takes the courage to jump.

Yea.. I got a good job, money is not even a problem.. But I dunno it did work for you but I'm kinda introvert at some point so for now I don't know what to do.. I just feel like i need to live somewhere else & be by my own where I can start a new life.. I may be too young to think about this tho but perhaps It can happen someday :) thanks for the comment Fernwolf :)

Where did you go to?