I Want To Run Away

I want to run away I have quite a lot of money two pocket knives that are sharp and not a lot of survival skills, but I'm street smart and an atheist if that helps. I'm 13 and live in Pennsylvania. I want to leave because every night I'll think to myself how unhappy I am with my life. So I want to leave get adventure and just live life with total freedom with no one telling me how to live, how to dress, how to think, and what to do. Even though people say america is a country of freedom it's really not and most people just tolerate other people, people are still biased, and judge others on everything, so we really aren't a free country. I really want to make a good plan and leave so if you want to come with me just message me.
mgluvsoftball mgluvsoftball
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

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