I Want To Run Away With You

Dearest dove, I want to run away with you, anywhere you want to go. we could wear disguises, we could change our names and personalities and go somewhere where we don't know anyone and have completely different lives. we could keep running, have a caravan like gypsies and we could make up stories to sell people about their future. we could become fire-people, social workers, veterinarians or jobless vagrants. If you wanted to go to school i'd work 80 hours a week. i'd make you tiramisu everyday and bring you flowers every saturday. We could fake our deaths and never have to talk to the people we used to know ever again. we could go to new york and run a new mafia. if you wanted me to i'd stay in this horrific soul sucking city.
BudFrancis BudFrancis
Feb 14, 2012