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But, Where Will We Go?

 The unknown sometimes seems inviting but the trouble is that once we reach it becomes the known and much less exciting than it seemed.  You even get used to Hawaii or Tahiti after awhile and wish you were somewhere else, I fear.

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 9 Responses Jan 24, 2009

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I agree, grams, in what you say. I'm 77, have worked now for 63 years and still enjoy earning a paycheck. I think that feeling like you're necessary is important. Traveling is fun and distracting but the need to feel needed is important too.

I agree with your comment dorobo, it has taken me some time but I have realized that the unknown can be exciting and can awaken your soul and spirit. I'm 58 and finally feel free to live my life for me.. For me. I have had to cross many hurdles and have forced myself to look inward and find the strength to move on. Definitely worth the work..

Well, when you tire of Hawaii or Tahiti you just move on... the world is a big place!

The unknown can be scared, especially in the dark but without a bit of drama life would be..a soap opera like the young and the restless...really stupid and shallow. Better to swim in the depths of the unknown once in awhile than skip through the shallows of the known.

there lies the dilemma, such is life and most aspects of it. It's the unknown...

Isn't that true about everything you think you want. Once you get it, it's not as exciting as you thought it would be. <br />
<br />
I too love Kaui. I wouldn't mind trying that until I got bored with it.

Hmm. Everyone seems to like islands. I loved being in Japan. It was an island but never seemed too small. I love Kaui too. It reminds me of Japan and there aren't that many residents; most of the island is green; tons of waterfalls; lots of rain but the living is expensive. Once when I was last there I explored the idea of being a bilingual tour guide and figured that if I lives simply I could make it.

or some little island on the carribean-you pick dorobo!

I think I could be quite happy getting comfortable in Hawaii or Tahaiti right now. Take me away, dorobo!