Why? I Can't Stand It! I Don't Wana Run But I Need To!

Ever scene I was really little I have wanted to vanish from every thing and every one I knew. Back then when I was younger it was my bio-dad I wanted to run from. When I was in high school I fell into a depression and just wanted to sleep it all way. After high school I wanted to just pack every thing I had and leave. I then got a job and after 5 years I find myself in a sucky job that doesn't pay ****... I still want to go way and vanish away from every thing. It's not that I am trying to run or vanish from the people I love... I just want to be free to call the woods my home, the truck stops and even the library's. I want to more than any thing travail the us on a bike or from kind trucker to another. Well at lest till I reach the ocean! The water calls me... I don't know but I don't feel normal living the way I do. Humans were once nomads my be it's in my blood to want this... If I don't I feel their will always be a void in my life... It's funny some times I even think it'd be cool to live in a community of run aways living off the lad the way our ancestors did.
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I have learned stuff, and one of the things i have learned is Just do it. It will be the best thing you have ever done, thats even if it all go's pear shaped. The experience itself will at least keep you going in this reality we call "normal life" if only for a little while. Try going on a 3 or 4 week camping trip. This will either do you for a while or make you wanna stay longer, but will no doubht relieve the stresses of everyday life. I plan to leave it all one day, but am waiting until i can go forever. Study about what you will need to do, if you like the sound of living in the wild then you will also actually enjoy reading about the skills required aswel, perhaps even people who have done it before. There is a group in America somewhere called the stoneage comumn or something like that, they do classes i think and they live all year round with very little contact with anyone else. Sounds sublime. Well good luck with everything. Bye.

I feel the same. For the most part I feel so distant from everyone and the only place I feel welcome is in the woods XD<br />
I plan to run away within in a few years and if you feel sick of life, you can always escape from it some how<br />
Good luck!