Beaten And Scarred

i was abused by my drunk father, who i still have to see every day. and both my mom and dad say hurtful things about me. my parents always tell me how lucky i am to have a wonderful childhood and loving parents.
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Hey, I'm a fourteen y/o girl who's running away to Virginia. I saw your comment on experience project. I live in Michigan and my buses stop in Pittsburgh and DC, so if you want to meet up with me, I'd love to have someone to come along with me. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! :)

I had a family like that and spent most of my life trying to straighten them out and get their love. I now know I should have gotten away and stayed away as soon as I could have. They ruined my life and any happiness I could have had. Please do not make the same mistake. Come up with a smart, secure plan and as soon as you are old enough, get the h-ll out of there and stay away. In the mean time, is there any one or an agency, teacher, that could help you?

You shouldn't run away or cower to people who will stand. As Julius Ceaser once said... " Cowards die many times before their actual deaths"... All who read my words should take notice. Do not accept what you want to hear. Do not accept these petty sympathies you are getting. The only way for resolution. Is to stand, with not shiver in your soul and make a new path, a path that shows that you shall not quiver to a loley drunk. A path that shows you should not, yet more, will not stand and tolerate and forever after this you shall rise, an angel, a follower. You shall have what many dream of and many, oh many, hope and pray for but without believing in themselves. After this, after this I say you shall have self respect. Ever in mortal grace shall you stand tall.

In my opinion..... u should runaway no more bull crap from ANYONE ever again :) im going to lolzz

be careful... ok...are u going to a relatives to stay or good friend ? dont just run away and be out in the world alone emm.. thats real scary .. where are u now?

Dear Fourteenbluebirds<br />
You need to tell someone immediately. It can be your teachers or family friends. You need help. I really feel sorry for you.

Hey...<br />
<br />
I went through the same kind of thing - you need to tell some one what's going on and get help. You need assistance from a NICE family member/family friend to get out of the environment you are in.<br />
<br />
Be brave, talk to some one.<br />
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My step-dad was also abusive. I also wanted to runaway when I was a teen also. But I had nowhere to go and no money so I had to stay, unfortunately. You should look for support from your friends. Maybe one of them can hide you for a short while. Don't try and do it alone, get a friend to help you.