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The name of this group says it all: I want to run away. I've had it with my family, I've had it with this perfect little suburban bubble they live in, but mostly, I'm done with them. There's been a lot of friction between me and my parents over who gets to control my life, so I thought I'd call their bluff and see how much I really need them. I am making all the preparations I need to leave home, and plan on leaving within a week or so. I still have to finish high school, and after leeching off my friends for a while I'll need my own place funded completely by my own wages.

It's a difficult task, and although it is sparked by emotion, I think it would be best for me to follow this impulse instead of overthinking it until I decide against it. I've always been one for change, and frankly, my life could use some right now.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2012

Hey. You sound like you're feeling stuck and want to get out. If that's how you feel, I understand. But running away, or going off somewhere is a serious thing. You shouldn't do it on emotion. You need to think about it. You seem to think that running away is going to solve your problems, and maybe it will, but it will also bring new problems. Basically, you will be homeless and poor. What happens when your friends can't take you in, or if they can't keep you in their house anymore? At your age, you'll only be making minimum wage, which will make renting a half-decent place (and meeting your basic needs) extremely difficult. If you're in a city, it will be impossible. Also, I don't think it's legal for someone your age to rent a place. I think you have to be at least 18. And if you don't have to be 18, you'll have to work full time to get by.<br />
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My advice to you is to finish high school, and either go away to college/university or get a part-time/summer job so you can have the money to travel without relying on anyone else if you don't want to. There are also a bunch of programs that let you learn a language, volunteer, do an internship, or work in different parts of the world. That's what I've done. I went away to university in a city that I'd never been to and where I knew no one. You still have to do certain things, but I think it's a lot like running away in the sense that you have a huge change and a lot of freedom. I haven't gone away yet, but I have the money and the will to do so this summer.<br />
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I feel like what you're looking for is a sense of freedom. I encourage you to chase that desire, but in a way that's not so reckless. I can't stop you, but I think you should at least have a solid plan, whatever you decide to do. That way you'll enjoy it the whole time instead of having added burdens.