I Want To Run Away..

I'm young but i have a horrible life... I get bullied at school just for being "different" or a "geek/nerd" .... At home.. my sister is a *******.. my parents aren't any better... i get abused by my mom for no reason.. for example. if i just got home & walked straight in the kitchen she would say "WHEN YOU WALK IN MY HOUSE YOU SPEAK." then she would punch me. I need Help.. im tired of being abused
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13-15, F
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Dear child. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Is there someone in your family that you can talk to? Does your mother have a sister you can talk to? I know how mean young girls can be, especially if they need to feel better about themselves. Have you tried joining a school activity group so you can fit in and develop security. When parents get stressed they sometimes react mean to there kids without really knowing. The next time your mother is alone and in a good mood sit down and talk to her. Dont hold back, tell her how you are feeling. Can you talk to your father? Have you talked to the guidance counsellor at school. The decisions you make now will affect your whole life. Please concentrate on your school work. School is your future it is very important. Try to help other people that need help . You will feel better about yourself and develop confidence. The bible is the book of life. It will teach you good from bad. You will learn that the way to happiness is love and there is nothing that can take that away from you. I try to help as many people I can in life and it has made me a better person. God Bless you child

i am no good at advise but i can offer this i am looking for a runaway buddy

there are things set up now in different states to help a lot in these situations ,, are u in california.... my cousin got some help and it happened quick before he did anything bad

Go to someone you trust and tell them. Then look on internet for programs for girls in your situation. If you ask and they agree to take you in either for program or family member or the authorities.

That is tough. I also wanted to runaway when I was young but had nowhere to go. Find a friend or family member that can take you in.