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I would love to run away from our culture/society and into the wilderness. Living, surviving, and only relying on myself. I mean I can just imaging how much happier I would be. Or actually happy for once in my life. I'd be doing what I truly wanted.

“Modern” "society in industrialized nations has largely become a consumerist treadmill. People work long hours at unsatisfying jobs they would rather not perform, and then spend much of their earnings on unfulfilling consumer crap they truly do not need." <----- This my fellow readers is what I don't want to continue on to be. I don't want to be bound by chains any longer. I want to let go and live. I don't want to slave away all my life hoping and wishing to some day earn enough money to buy a piece of property to live a self sufficient life style. Of course that is what I would love to do but how much of my life would I be wasting? How much of your life are you wasting right now as you are reading this? You might not understand and you might think this is absurd. But if you look around you at the people, what do you see? I see the same person every where I look. Trying to get somewhere as fast as they can, wanting the same toys, watching the same screen, slaving the same ways, and living unhappy lives.
I would love to form a group of like-minded individuals who want to get out of this system and free themselves of their mundane doings. We need to change. WE the people need to. We can not rely on these scoundrel politicians. If we are ever to be saved it will be us saving ourselves. We need to start taking responsibility for our lives. We were born being told what to do and what to think and what the right ways are and what the wrong ways are. It's a game. These rules aren't real and we don't have to keep subjugating ourselves to them. I want you to know that we are all one and there is no reason to be afraid to stand up for your well being. I know these lives we live are very comfortable and they don't seem threatening (they truly are though). We are a part of a living planet. A planet that is full of beauty and wonderful life. A planet that is being used and beaten and thus we are being used and beaten. Why would you want to fight against earth? Don't you want to fight against the overly rich bastards who assume control over our lives from the day we set foot on our journey of breathing? I want to be a friend and lover of the earth not an alien.
I feel like running away seeing the current situations and still seeing this blind obedience of beings who are highly capable of intelligence and becoming aware of the truth. More than anything though I want to be with loving, caring, aware, and smart people who want to fight for what is right.... I hope we all wake up soon.
Here's a site that my love showed me, if you're interested:
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How serious are you on this ? do you have training ? do you know how to hunt ? to dress the kill ? how to cook ? fish, grow a garden, build a shelter survive with nothing ? there are alot more to it then just living in the wild its survival its your life on the line if you dont go prepared. If you are really determined to do it then do it but alteast go primitive camping a bunch and practice your skills before you go.

This is exactly how I feel, I just want to get out of here and travel and LIVE! I want to see places and meet new people. <br />
<br />
I would love to do this soon.