I "ran" Away

I was having a really hard time four years ago, and I decided that I needed a mental break, so I decided a way to run away for a while that my parents could accept.
I always thought that someday, I'd like to cooperate with an NGO. A friend from high school told me about a project he knew that I may be interested on it, so I went to a couple of meetings and I told my parents I'd like to go to Dominican Republic with that NGO.
They couldn't say no. So I went to Santo Domingo, I worked with poor kids, I lived with a family for two months and I had my mental break and when I came back, I was another person. I was my new me.
Now, I feel trapped here again, and I'd love to get back to my other family. But, I know this time wouldn't help to solve my problems. Now I've to stay and front them. Even that, I saw my "sister" last September, and I'm really missing her... I need to see them again, as soon as possible.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Well... they know. But there's a huge impediment: money. <br />
I live in Europe, and a trip to Santo Domingo... it's expensive plus, recession beat hard my family economy so... If I tell them again, they'll feel sad and sorry for not being able to help.<br />
And... I can't pay for the flight cuz I'm paying my college studies...<br />
Someday, I'll get back there and see my family. Meanwhile... I'll keep being in touch with them via internet =)