O-o Yes I Want To Run Away...

this idea was in my mind since i was kid x3 ,i always wanted to run away from the problems and from those people .I think i'll do it one day. i know it's  a risky way but it's mean the freedom to me . the freedom from this jail and all the bad memories.And i think that'd change me a lot ...and i hope it's change me for the better ...
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Sometime I want to runaway too. But I probably never will... I'm here if you need to talk <3 I would love to be free, Free from Everything and Everyone... I love to swing on swings cuz the feeling of wind in my face makes me feel like I'm flying, and I feel happy, and the feeling I get just instantly calms me down... I love it <3 I especially love to swing at night, when the air is cooler. I love the cold too <3

thans ^_^ &lt;3.

Im here for you. Don't worry babe. I know the feeling. It would be so much easier if I was a bird and could just fly away...

if i was a bird i would fly to a far place and never come back again x3

Ive always wanted to run away too! Especially right now! Because I'm really upset. This time I started to do it I walked about a kilometer but then I turned back and came home cause I didn't have the guts.