Run, Be Free!

i've read so many stories about running away and never looking back, that i almoast get the courage of doing that myself. But why can't i do it? is it because that the first thing that comes through my mind is the fear of facing my problems? problems such as finishing a college which i hate, getting a job related to what i've studied, being forced to live as i'm told by society? are those even problems? why can't i live the way i want to? why must i do or think as the media tells me to? why can't i be free?

you read that it's perfectly normal to question everything around you, that it's ok to feel like giving up everything, but how many people actually do it?

i could run, give up everything that ties me to the idea of living a life dictated by the media and the people that want you under control. walk, take a train to a place where no one knows who you are ...get a simple job, live the way you want ..but why can't i? what if  i won't last more than 3 days..what if i 'll be considered a coward..what if  life is gonna get harder..what if, what if , what if...that slowly destroys me...what if i just close this computer and just DO IT..what if i don't...
klav klav
1 Response May 25, 2012

I feel the same way at times, like wouldn't you just want to drop everything and walk away from a life that is ruled by the media and through the image of being a citizen of the world?, and just start a fresh life living freely and expressing youself in ways that never get judge or percieved by the world? Everybody wants to do this at certain times but its just the fear of the unknown I guess. But anyway thank you for this insightful and very interesting peace of work you have created:)